If you stumble, make it part of the dance...

Ballroom Fever Social Dancing Membership

Learning and knowing how to social dance is fun and exciting, 
as well as being healthy for both you, body and mind.

We have been professionals at this long enough to recognize that for some, just the thought 
of dance lessons can be intimidating and stressful.   

Some beginners mistakenly think they have "two left feet".
Maybe you think it might be fun, but you'd make mistakes and be embarrassed. 
Maybe you think you will do it "someday".
Maybe you think you're too old!
These are all normal feelings!

Don't wait for "Someday" to enjoy the joy of dance!
Join us today!

Classes are held each 
Wednesday and Friday evening, 7-8:30pm.

- Wednesday: Waltz ~ Tango ~ Foxtrot

- Friday: Cha Cha ~ Rumba ~ Swing 

Attend both evening to learn them all or just the evening of your favorite dances!
No partner or experience needed.  You can start at any age!

Classes are on a 4 week cycle and 
learn 6 steps for each dance:

- Weeks 1-3: learning the steps 
- Week 4: review of all 6 steps plus 
practice weaving steps together with music. 

Repeat 4 week cycle as many times as you feel the need. 

First week start dates in 2024 are:
Wed, 7/17 ; Fri, 7/19 2024
4 week break in August  
 Wed, 9/11 ; Fri, 7/13 2024

Pricing per person:
4 Week $80
4 Classes $60

Join us and you will:
 - Learn how to NOT look uncoordinated on the dance floor
 - Learn how to NOT step on your partner's feet 
 - Feel LESS awkward at social events
 - Learn basic steps and techniques for the 6 most common social dances to both slow and      fast music
 - Socialize with people with a similar interest and make new friends
 - Add zest to your life and have great new stories to share
 - Have FUN while learning a new skill in a social setting

Email us to sign up at: Info@BallroomFever.com

We have been professionals at this long enough to recognize that for some, 
just the thought of dance lessons can be intimidating and stressful. 
Some beginners mistakenly think they have "two left feet". 
Maybe you think it would be fun, but that you'll just make mistakes. 
Maybe you're nervous and a bit afraid of being embarrassed. 
Maybe you think that you will do it "someday". May be you think you're too old! 
Don't let anyone try to tell you that!
These are all normal feelings!

If any of this sounds familiar, Ballroom Fever's Social Membership may be just what you need! Our group classes are taught in a friendly & supportive environment by teachers who understand and know that you're a little anxious... and are well versed and successful with students who claim to have "two left feet".

Need more reasons to learn to dance? Read on!

Benefits to your health from learning to dance include:
 - Improved balance and coordination
 - Increased agility, flexibility, and strength 
 - Reduced pain and stiffness
 - Dance advances a healthy heart and circulation
 - Improved confidence and decreased stress
 - Dance challenges your brain

Memberships may be paused at any weeks end and resumed at your convenience.
Please inform an instructor if you need to pause your membership.

Ballroom Fever
608 Enfield St
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